In late 2014, Egburt began working with fred’s Super Dollar franchisee, David Majure.

The Goal

fred’s wanted to utilize Egburt to provide insight into store retail operations to receive the following benefits:

– reduced inventory spoilage;

– optimized product placement;

– better understanding of energy usage within their stores; and

– better monitoring of restricted access areas.

The Approach

In order to successfully demonstrate the desired benefits, strategically placed sensors were installed throughout the store for the monitoring of:

– freezers/coolers;

– customer foot traffic;

– store temperature and humidity; and

– door access of restricted areas.

The Results

After 3 months, the following benefits were demonstrated:

– Aisle traffic patterns were identified that allowed store managers to rearrange displays to take advantage of foot traffic within the store for merchandising optimization;

– Temperature discrepancies were identified and adjusted accordingly to reduce energy usage; and

– A positive ROI and full payback was demonstrated by the preventing of inventory spoilage.