Camgian’s Egburt® is a patented end-to-end IoT platform specifically designed to intelligently manage complex sensing and processing operations at scale. Egburt leverages an edge computing architecture where advanced sensor processing technologies built on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and statistical algorithms are applied in-situ on a proprietary embedded middleware stack.

The output of Egburt edge® processing applications is securely communicated to an enterprise data science platform called Egburt AlphaX, which supports data visualization, model implementation, and information sharing.

With news and data disseminated almost instantly, obtaining an “edge” in the markets today is more challenging than ever.

Identifying an “informational edge” driven by innovative and alternative data to generate consistently above average returns is a priority.

Egburt combines advanced technologies in artificial intelligence, IoT, and big data analytics into an integrated platform that generates unique, real-time data as a new source of “alpha”.

Egburt advanced sensors are deployed at strategic locations to generate high-value economic data that are delivered to clients through a secure cloud hosted user interface.

Camgian offers access to Egburt enabled alternative data sets to limited groups of clients; as well as, designing custom client defined solutions.

New data sets are scheduled to be released throughout the year. Please contact Camgian to inquire about a trial data service arrangement and to participate in future offerings.


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