PROWL® is a low-power, compact intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance radar platform that provides long-endurance target detection, classification and tracking in harsh operational environments. PROWL supports rapid deployment in any configuration. The high update rate and high probability of detection combined with the PROWL’s low Size, Weight and Power (SWAP) make PROWL the perfect “bolt-on” solution to fill existing capability gaps in currently deployed stand-alone or networked end-to-end systems.


PROWL operates as a stand-alone solution, as an Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) trigger or as a gap filler device. PROWL may be incorporated into existing UGS systems as an UGS triggering device to cue video or still camera systems.

Its small, lightweight form factor significantly reduces complexities associated with transportation and deployment. Typical set-up time by an individual is less than five minutes. Low-power consumption enables unattended, long battery life operations of several months.


Multi-target detection and tracking
Low-power, long-endurance
Secure, wireless communications
Laptop and mobile C2
Light weight, small form factor
Rapid setup and teardown time
Add-on for existing force protection systems
Tracks in foliage, mountains, over water, etc.
Trigger existing UGS systems


Command and Control (C2) is provided through a RaptorX or Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) user interfaces that supports deployment on both laptop and hand-held devices wirelessly connected to the PROWL radar unit. PROWL can also be easily integrated into existing C2 systems.


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